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From where you sit, how can you impact racial equity in child welfare?

We believe that every person can make an impact in transforming our institutions, systems, and laws to work equally for everyone. We offer several ways to get involved, such as online resources, public events, and organizational support. 


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Attend our webinars and live events. All advocates are welcome!


Partner with us to support your organization's racial equity goals. 


Support our efforts through a charitable donation.

  • Watch the 4 online learning lectures here

  • Sign up for the REC Newsletter here

  • Follow the REC’s journey here

  • Join the support circle for racial equity advocates and leaders (email for details)

  • Hire the REC to facilitate racial equity conversations with your organization or team (email for details and cost)

  • Hire the REC to present on racial equity in helping systems (email for details and cost)

  • Hire the REC to coordinate an event related to racial equity (email for details and cost)

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