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Why this work is vital

I said, ma’am… Now that this is all over with…what are you going to do to help put my family back together? …You didn’t have any problem tearing it apart. What are you guys going to do to help put my family back together?

~ Birth Parent

Our Work

We are bringing together families, mandated reporters, the child welfare workforce, and other human service providers to build shared, multi-disciplinary knowledge and accountability in achieving equitable outcomes for children and families of color who come into contact with the child welfare system.


In Kansas, Black children are placed in foster care at nearly twice the rate of White children.

Black families experience child welfare investigations at a much higher rate than White families. 

Our work recognizes

Historical and contemporary oppression 

Past atrocities such as slavery, colonization, & segregation have led to present day social inequities. 

Our society and systems are rooted in White supremacy

Racial disparities in child welfare are symptomatic of pervasive systemic & structural racism. 

Racism as a public

health crisis

Racial disparities in child welfare interlock with inequities across service and well being systems. 

"Everyone can do something to impact racial equity in child welfare."


Director, Racial Equity Collaborative

Our work is guided by

Collaboration * Action * Holistic & Creative Approaches * Lived Experience * BIPOC Leaders * Inclusivity* Accountability

Our initiatives, events, and services are for everyone!

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